These tools might not be the only tools you buy, but they will certainly be the only tools you will have to buy once and we will back that up with a lifetime warranty. They are extremely well balanced and feel great in your hands when you are using them. We believe that we have made the finest tools available today and you will as well. By owning a set of "Ogre Tools" you will be the envy of everyone who barbeques and enjoys fine and unique craftsmanship.

Each 3 piece set is comprised of a spatula, a 2 tined fork and a wickedly curved pigtailed meat hook used for turning and removing everything from the largest cuts of meat to the most delicate vegetables from your grill. The meat hook can be ordered with a left or right-handed twist. Each tool’s handle has a unique double reversing spiral that is machined deeply into the surface ensuring a non-slip grip. It also comes with a heavy-duty canvas caseplate ogre02 with a brass tag. All tools are approximately 24 inches long and have a combined weight of 4 pounds. All "Ogre Tools" are dishwasher safe. Check out the tools at work.

If you are not satisfied with your tools, please send them back and we will gladly refund your money plus the cost of shipping.

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